Sleep Drops: Lavender Sleep Drops still Favorite

December 23rd, 2009 by Sound Sleeper

It seems every time I run out of Lavender drops I am reminded of my love for them, and then that I started this blog. I wish I had more time to expand my comments about using the drops.

Right now I need to find and buy another bottle. I suppose this blog at least keeps track of my consumption of sleep drops!

When does Lavender Bloom?

February 18th, 2009 by Sound Sleeper

The lavender is coming alive once again, after the winter. Well, it’s still winter, but spring is on the way and the lavender plants know it. My lavender is looking very healthy and very, very interested in bursting out for Spring.

Lavender Oil

August 19th, 2008 by Sound Sleeper

I just looked for more information on lavender oil, because I wondered if my sleep drops were the same as lavender essential oil. Wow. I had no idea there was so much variety out there, and some of it is scary.

I use Essence of Vali Lavender which is prepared by a cosmetics company and very high-end. It’s great, but I thought since lavender season just ended, I might get some lavender oil from a local lavender farm. When I saw the many different kinds of “Lavendula officinalis” lavender, I hit the web to learn more.

I learned that there may be health issues with lavender oils with young boys, poisoning with lavender oil, burning if the oil is too concentrated, allergic reactions, and all sorts of nasty stuff.

This website sells lavender oil, but has a ton of warnings and they scared me away. I’m going to stick with Essence of Vali. Amazon has it for $18 but charges a lot for shipping, and last time I ordered from Amazon it took almost 2 weeks to get my stuff.

The last time I ordered it from and they sent me several samples of other high-end products with it for free. They have the Essence of Vali lavender here but also sell more Essence of Vali here.

Lavender Drops on my Pillow

August 19th, 2008 by Sound Sleeper

When my sleep is good, I forget completely about this blog. And when I can’t sleep, and need help sleeping, I turn to my favorite sleep remedy (lavender) and it works so well. Then I remember this blog!

Insomnia is a tough word.  I don’t think I have “imsomnia”, I simply can’t sleep well. I know why. I have stress. Anxiety. And it keeps me from resting, and that keeps me from falling asleep. I don’t need a doctor, and even though wine works really well, I don’t want to rely on alcohol for falling asleep.

My lavender essence drops work great. A few drop sof lavender oils on my pillow case, and I relax. I think about the smell and the next thing you know… zzzzzz.

Essence of Vali Lavender Sleep Drops

February 24th, 2008 by Sound Sleeper

I found Lavender sleep drops online. My first experience with sleep drops was when I was given Essence of Vali lavender sleep drops by a friend, who wanted to help me beat my insomnia. Since then I have not found them, until now. An online store in New York  has them as Essence of Vali Lavender sleep drops.

It’s the same gentle blue box, so I think it is the same one I had. Really good… clean, pure, simple. I can’t wait for the order to arrive.

Lucid Dreams

December 30th, 2007 by Sound Sleeper

I love Lucid Dreams. Lucid dreams are the dreams where I know you are dreaming. You are “asleep”, and in a dream, but I am also conscious of what is going on in the dream; it  is not just happening to me, but happening with my awareness. Sometimes I can direct  my lucid dream. Sometimes I can “think out loud in my dream” and it is like I am watching my dream as a movie. Sometimes, I can think out loud and say ” that’s not good, it should go this way” and hen try (in my dream) to change the course of the dream.

I love lucid dreams because when I awake, I feel positive about the experience. I feel confident, for some reason. Sometimes I even try to go back to sleep to continue to make th edream go the way I want it to go, although I don’t remember ever having been able to really do that.

The lucid dreams I remmeber the most from my life are sexual in nature. They often involved being on the edge of orgasm, in the dream, and altering the course of the dream to change the process. Many times I tried to stay on the edge of climax, and other times my interventions disrupted the flow and reset the climbing. I think those ones are the ones I try to go back into :-)

Anybody share this experience?